Mother Teresa birth anniversary: 8 facts you should know

Aug 27, 2022

Mother Teresa, who was born on August 26th, 1910, left her home at the age of 18 to dedicate her life to helping the underprivileged. The following information about her is fascinating.

1. At age 12 … 

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, also known as Mother Teresa, was raised in a convent and made her first pilgrimage to the Letnice shrine when she was 12 years old. That's when she began to feel the pull toward a life of piety.

2. She left home when she was 18 and never returned. 

When she was 18 years old, Mother Teresa left home to join the Sisters of Loreto in Dublin. She never returned, and she also never saw her mother and sisters again.

3. Her "real" birthdate

A day after her birth, Mother Teresa was baptised in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. That day was what she regarded as her "real birthday."

4. A unique coin

The Indian government issued a commemorative Rs. 5 coin to mark Mother Teresa's birth centennial.

5. A Lingust 

While working as a teacher at St. Teresa's School, Mother Teresa studied Bengali. She also spoke English, Hindi, Albanian, and Serbian with ease in addition to Bengali.

6. She instructed underprivileged kids by writing in the mud.

She had no supplies or tools while instructing underprivileged kids in Calcutta. Nevertheless, she was able to teach the kids to read and write by using wooden sticks to write in the mud.

7. She mediated a ceasefire once.

A short cease-fire between Israel and Palestine was negotiated by Mother Teresa in order to free 37 children who were stranded at a frontline hospital.

8. The Nobel Peace Prize was declined by her.

In 1979, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize; however, she declined to attend the award banquet and asked that the $192,00 prize money be used to aid the underprivileged in India.