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How to Monetize web stories in WordPress.

The most frequently asked question about web stories is “How to Monetize web stories in WordPress“. In this article, we shall walk through the ways to monetize the web stories in WordPress. web stories are a new way of storytelling. Today it is also one of the most popular user engaging formats of content.

There are multiple ways you can monetize the web stories, like sponsored content, Affiliate links, Display ads by Google, and other ad networks.

let’s have a look one by one.

1] Sponsored Content:

Monetizing web stories with sponsored content is a very easy process. you can create on-demand stories for your sponsor or include his sponsored content into your existing stories.

2] Affiliate Links:

web stories have a huge amount of audience. the user will interact with your story only if he is interested in the topic or niche of your content. You can add affiliate links to products related to your story, and if the viewer finds it interesting he is likely to follow the link and you make an affiliate commission out of it.

3] Display Ads by Google and other Ad Networks.

How to Monetize web stories in WordPress

Display ads are a very good and easy way to monetize your web stories automatically. you just have to follow some easy steps to integrate the ads once and google will show relevant ads to the viewers. Integrating these ads can be done manually or by Auto Ads.

In Details: How to Monetize web stories in WordPress

Adding Sponsored content to web stories.

Creating on-demand web stories:

Creating custom stories for your sponsor. in this situation the sponsor will provide the content or the idea of the content to be included in the web story.

Including Sponsored content into existing web story:

when you have created stories and you get a sponsorship, you can simply add the sponsored content in the related story.

Adding Affiliate Links to web stories.

When you have stories related to any product or services you can add a buy not button with your affiliate link so that if the viewer is interested, he is likely to click the link and you can a commission. For example, if you are creating a web story on “Top 10 Mobile Phones in 2021”, you add affiliate links at the appropriate spot or using a buy now button.

Adding Ads by Google to web stories.

To be able to display or integrate Ads by Google to your web stories you should have an active “Google Adsense Account” approved for your website.

Display ads by google is a very good and easy way of monetizing your web stories. adding these ads is easy in WordPress through the official “web stories” plugin by Google. there is an option in settings. Click on “stories” in the left panel of the WordPress dashboard Now the Web stories dashboard appears. → Click on “settings” → now the settings page opens, scroll down to find “Monetization“. → select “Google Adsense” or “Google Ad Manager” from the dropdown, which is “None” by default.

If you select → “Google Adsense” then enter your → “Publisher ID” and → “Slot ID” in the respective fields, → and click “save“.

If you select → “Google Ad Manager” → enter your “Slot ID” in the given field and → click “save“.

Example of Ads by Google →

Example of Ads by Google in web stories

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