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How to get Adsense approval on the .blogpost domain in 2021

Hi, you probably don’t have a custom domain name for your blog at the time. So you are here.

In this article, I will be showing how to get Adsense approval on the .blogpost domain. I will be sharing the proper way of making ng your .blogpost domain ready for AdSense approval.

It is not possible for all new bloggers that they can purchase a custom domain for their blog or website.

But to monetize your blog you need to have AdSense approval. There are also other ways to monetize your blog but AdSense is said to be the best one.

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In this article, I will be showing how to get Adsense approval on the .blogpost domain. I will be sharing the proper way of making ng your .blogpost domain ready for AdSense approval.
Adsense approval on the .blogpost domain

Here are some proven ways to get Adsense approval on the .blogpost domain.

1) Check your Template:

You should be using a lightweight and SEO-friendly template. It is recommended to use one of the pre-installed Templates given by the blogger by default. But they are not so good-looking and attractive.

You can get premium blogger templates for free if you search on the internet or if possible purchase one.

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2) write unique content:

If you are doing that means you have to create content. Without content blogging is nothing.

The content you create must be good, unique, and in an easy-to-read format and language.

While writing content you should implement keywords in your article properly.

Outgoing links, alt image attributes, cations, are some of the important parts of on-page SEO.

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3) Minimum 60-100 Post:

To get Adsence approval on the .blogpost domain, your blog should have a minimum of 60-100 posts.

You don’t have to write them in a single day but for a constantly long time. All the posts must be highly unique and rich in content.

4) Age of your website:

This is the most important factor in the concept of getting AdSense approval in 2020.

Google considers over 200 different SEO factors in its algorithm of search engine. The age of your site is one of them and a very important one.

Because the age of the domain is very crucial, your domain age must be at least 5-6 months before you apply for Google AdSense approval.

5) Build Internal links:

Internal linking or linking your post to one another is a very crucial part of SEO.

Every article or post on your website should interlink. This helps you get the most page visits or page views per visitor.

You can see in this post I have hyperlinked some words or sentences to my other posts.

Internal linking can be very helpful for your blog to rank in the search engines is done properly.

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6) Build Backlinks:

Having backlinks have always been an important aspect of SEO. This is one of the helpful factors in getting AdSense approval on the .blogpost domain.

As you might be already aware of the fact that the internet works on the principle of an interconnected network of all websites.

So you should focus on building a network of internal links and external links.

The more good quality of backlinks your site have the is the chance of getting AdSense approval.

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These all are the very important reasons for getting AdSense approval on the .blogpost domain.

I have found out this information through my personal experience and knowledge.

If you have any problem then ask me in the comments, I will answer you for sure.

Do you use a custom domain or a .blogppst one, tell me in the comments below?

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