Dussehra wishing script 2021

Dussehra wishing script 2021


1) Fully responsive

2) Lightweight 

2) SEO Friendly

3) Share Image with your name

3) Set image in picture

4) No Javascript Prompt Box

5) The user can view a thumbnail when sharing on WhatsApp.

6) Background autoplay sound

7) Voice Wishing

8) Google Analytic Code and Ads support

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How to earn money using wishing script?

This is the Premium Dussehra wishing script 2021, it can be used in blogger. The script is in HTML,CSS and Java script. It is very east to edit the code.

When you place adsense ads in the script you should keep them responsive. Only place 2-3 ads jn the script so that the user experience is good and healthy.

To earn money through this wishing script you can edit the script and place high cpc keywords so that you get high cost per click ads.

How to add Dussehra wishing script 2021 in blogger

  1. log in to blogger.
  2. Go to themes
  3. Select classic themes
  4. Click on revert to classic themes.
  5. Click on edit HTML.
  6. Then Select all the code and delete it.
  7. Now copy and paste the Dussehra wishing script 2021 code.

Click button to Download script.


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